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Pampered Chef

Blog or Facebook

Here I am, trying to decide if I should have a blog about Pampered Chef instead of using Facebook Groups.

And here’s the deal … Facebook decides who gets to see the posts I put out on my PC Group page, and the number of people seeing those posts is dwindling!  I think I might prefer having a blog because if people say they want to receive the blog, they will be notified of EVERY blog post I make, not just the ones that some unknown entity decides to allow you to see.  YOU, if you decide to subscribe to the blog, obviously have the option of not reading a blogpost, but at least YOU get to decide that.

So, I’m going to try linking to a video from my YouTube channel to see if that will work.   Click here  to watch a video about Pampered Chef.

Let me know what you think!  If you think you’d like this better than Facebook, subscribe to my blog.  If you want me to take you off of the Facebook group, comment below or send me an email at karenwpampchef@gmail.com and I’ll delete you out of that group.  If you want to be included in BOTH the blog and the Facebook group, that will work, too.  Oh, and to insure you are seeing as much on Facebook as they will allow, be sure your notifications are set to “All” on the group page.

Thanks for your input!